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A message from the Hon Linda Dessau AC, Governor of Victoria. 


Like all Victorians I have been saddened by the unfolding horror facing so many parts of Victoria through the ravages of fire. 

I am joined by my husband Tony in my compassion for those whose lives, homes and livelihoods have been so directly affected and in my admiration for the many members of our emergency services, the Australian Defence Force and the volunteers who are working so intensely to contain these blazes. My heart goes out particularly to those who grieve the people who have died, and to those who long for news of the missing.

Some of the communities battling for life and property are ones that Tony and I have visited. These are communities of kind, creative and generous Victorians, some of whom have faced the ravages of bushfire all too recently. Having seen some of these beautiful Victorian towns at their best, we feel even more heavily the toll of the damage wrought on them now by these fires.

In the coming days and weeks, I urge all Victorians to continue to support each other and our emergency services however you can, and to do everything possible to keep yourselves, your loved ones and your neighbours safe. 


The Hon. Linda Dessau AC

Governor of Victoria